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Find A Good Roofer

If Mother Nature has unleashed her fury on your home or old man time has taken its toll on your roof, finding a roofer you can trust is an important step to having your home repaired.

Many have experienced Mother Nature and her storms here in Colorado.

The weather warnings come across the TV screen telling you that there is a severe Thunderstorm headed toward your area.

You take the necessary precautions to prepare your family for safety but there is little you can do to protect your roof from hail damage and wind in that moment.

The storm passes and you are grateful that your family is safe, but what about your roof?

Learn more about insurance claims and how they work.

Finding A Roofer That You Can Trust Right After A Storm Went Through Your Area – Takes Careful Consideration

If you find you have sustained hail damage or wind damage, finding a roofer that you can trust can make all the difference in the world.

But, how do you find a roofing contractor that will do a quick and quality job for a fair price?

Did you know?

The Better Business Bureau sites that each year homeowners research the BBB for trustworthy roofing contractors. This happens over 2 million times! Each year! And, this is by far greater than any other industry.

How scary is that? This seems to be an alarming number for just one industry!

We would like to help you cut through all this hassle and relieve your fears of getting ripped off by a roofing company.

You’ll Want To Do This Before Hiring A Roofer

Here are some tips to finding a roofing contractor that you can trust…

Start with running your own report through the Better Business Bureau. If need be, use their Accredited Business Locator to help you find someone that has agreed to adhere to their standards.

Another good step would be to get the company name, the address and the owner’s name. Use this information to find out if the roofing contractor is licensed, bonded and insured. There are many companies that are referred to as “storm chasers”.

These are 1 or 2 man operations usually going door to door in an old pickup truck soliciting business by playing on your fears directly after a horrible storm. Often they require a down payment to begin the work. Well, that may be the last time you see that guy, his truck and your money!

Ask for references from recent customers that the roofing company has done work for. Check these references to discover what kind of job they did. Any quality roofing company will provide these to you for your peace of mind.

High-pressured salesman can be a red flag that this company is one you may want to stay away from. Watch for contractors who ask for the full amount up-front and save your money. Avoid those contractors that ask you to pull the permits for repairing your roof.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality For A Low Price

By using these few simple tips you can find a roofing contractor you can trust. Unfortunately in this industry, finding a roofing contractor you can trust is a very worthwhile step; so don’t end up with more than a leaking roof.

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