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Signs You Need A New Roof

The signs that you need a new roof may be obvious or not so obvious.

Most of us take our rooftops for granted.

We know the roof is up there, protecting us from the elements of Mother Nature, but too many people don’t care for their roofs like they should.

Some of the signs you need a new roof will be very obvious. These are usually signs that you see from the inside of the house as you go about your busy day.

Here are answers to the most asked roofing questions.

Here Are The Signs You Need A New Roof…

For example, you may notice wet marks on your ceilings or running down your walls. These will be brown, gray or even black streaky looking marks. Most often you will see these on the upper level of the house, especially in bathrooms.

Bathrooms are the most common rooms to see signs you need a new roof because of vents. If the flashing has come away from the vents up on the roof, the water will leak into your home and create these wet spots on your ceilings or walls.

Another area of your house that will give you tell-tale signs you may need to replace your roof is the attic. It’s best to take a flashlight and crawl up into your attic. Before you turn on the flashlight, do a visual check to see if you see signs of light coming through from the rooftop to your attic. Most often these will appear as streams of light flowing into the attic space.

More than likely if you see the sunshine popping through your roof, it is time to replace the roof.

Next, check the insulation for signs of wetness. If water is running through your roof to the attic, it is going to soak into the insulation. Check to see if it smells like mold or has a musty smell to the attic. Sometimes water can be leaking in for some time before you are aware there is an issue and this dampness will begin to mold.

The top of your roof will tell you the true story…

Then, outside on the rooftop is where the more discrete signs of roof damage lie. Unless you go to the top of your roof and check on its condition, there can be damage up there that you do not see because of the obstructed view.

Once up there, look for buckling, curling, missing and blistering of your shingles. If you see a lot of damage to your shingles, it may be time to replace your roof.

Then, look for missing flashing. This is the material put around vents, skylights and chimneys to secure a seal from Mother Nature. If you see this flashing is missing or damaged, this could lead to a leaking roof and cause damage to the inside of your home.

And finally, look for signs of algae growth, mold and mildew. These will appear as dark and maybe even “hairy” looking spots on your roofing materials. Be sure that these things are not growing in your gutters as well. This is a sign that the rain is not flowing away from the roof as it should be and this will cause the roofing materials to rot.

The Bottom Line Is…

Knowing the signs that you may need a new roof are important in order to prevent further damage to the inside of your home.

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