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Roof Damage From Wind Is Sneaky

Most people think it is hail and heavy snow that causes the most troubles for rooftops but roof damage from wind can be the most extensive.

Here in the Denver area, we have wind storms that can cause extreme damage to our roofs.

The most common problems from wind damage included fallen trees, lifted shingles, and shingles that are curled, torn or tattered.  You may see that there are exposed nails and missing shingles along with other damage.

Some may suffer minor damage that can be repaired quite inexpensively; however others may find the damage so extreme that they need a roof replacement.

Here’s how insurance claims work.

If You Think You Have Roof Damage From Wind – It’s Best To Call A Professional To Asses The Damage.

A professional roofing contractor can help you evaluate your roofing situation.

Another way you could have roof damage from the wind is due to flying debris. Debris such as tree limbs, pipes, siding etc. lying around in the neighborhood could become like spears during moderate winds.

These materials could puncture your roofing materials and cause the roof to leak and damage the inside of your home.

Most signs of roof damage from wind can be easily seen however there is also damage that needs a professional eye.

You May Have Damage That You Can’t Always See

This is the sneaky part. 🙂

Here’s what I mean….

This “not so obvious” type of roof damage from wind can happen with winds as moderate as 50 – 75 mph. What happens in a wind storm is that wind blows over the edge of the roof and creates a type of vacuum. This creates a low-pressure area that needs to be counter-balanced with a high-pressure area and this typically comes from within the home.

This air from the inside of the home pushes up against the structure and can loosen the adhesives that are holding down the roofing material. This may be referred to as a billowing affect.

This sometimes happens without visible signs…until the next moderate wind blows and your roof top is blown all over the place.

In order to prevent further damage during the next storm, the roofing materials need to be securely adhered to the structure of the house.

Many times, insurance adjusters are not aware of this type of damage and they will not include this in your appraisal.

So, unless you hire a professional roofing company to come and inspect for this type of damage after a storm, you may not be compensated for these types of repairs.

On the positive side…

At Reitz Roofing, we will evaluate your house for roof damage from wind or any other problem, at no charge.

We will give you an honest report for the damage to ensure that your home is repaired properly.

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